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  • Investigate web service approach (WG27)
    • Pros: Easily go accross firewall, leverage caching from commercial app
    • Approach:
      • Improve DCMTK
      • Kick the tires of the dcm4che implementation

Useful links

Presentation: "Image Access Everywhere, DICOM Web Services" James F Philbin

dcm4che: Version 4.1.0.Alpha3 (and above)

DICOM Supplements

DICOM Part 18: Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects (WADO)

Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects by RESTful Services (WADO-RS); supplement 161

Store Over the Web by RESTful Services (STOW-RS); supplement 163

Query based on ID for DICOM Objects by RESTful Services (QIDO-RS); supplement 166

Server Options RESTful Services; supplement 170 (pc)

Not directly related is Supplement 157, "Multi-Frame Converted Legacy Images" , which is a more convenient way of handling large stacks of planar images (i.e. convert multiple single-slice images into a single multi-dimensional image).