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Event pictures

Images from the hackfest:

Marco and Steve hacking on CTK DICOM
Great dinner at after some intense hacking


Date: July 9-13, 2012

Location: 1249 Boylston Street - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts USA

Goal: A follow on to the wildly successful previous hackfests!

Requirements: Attendees must be willing to spend their time during the event writing ctk code that contributes to the main ctk roadmap. This means spending the week immersed in C++, Qt, DCMTK, CMake, and related technologies. People who do not feel qualified for this task are politely not invited :)

Group size: Maximum 20 participants so we can have a manageable working meeting. The organizing committee will invite and select participants based on input from TheTeam.

Site Hosts: Steve Pieper and Ron Kikinis

Organizing Committee: Ivo Wolf, Stephen Aylward, Steve Pieper

Future Events: Future hackfests will be announced in advance, and we hope lots of people will be interested in participating. The venue and activities at future hackfests will be determined based on the number of active participants in the project. We welcome participation via the CTK email lists, the source code repository, and this website.


  • So far we have received confirmation for the following people (in no particular order). Please fill in your intentions in terms of common accommodation.
Name Organization
Jean-Chistophe Fillion-Robin #5 Kitware
Julien Finet #7 Kitware
Stephen Aylward (in spirit) Kitware
Steve Pieper Isomics
Ivo Wolf #9 Hochschule Mannheim
Marco Nolden #12 DKFZ, Heidelberg
Sascha Zelzer #8 DKFZ, Heidelberg
Florian Vichot #11 INRIA
Daniele Giunchi #10 SCS, Bologna
André Aichert #13 University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Note Note: There were also other invitations sent to active people on the community, and people who recently showed interest. When their intent will be known they will be added to the list.


Developers should bring a laptop with the current CTK source code downloaded and built.

Use the CTK developers mailing list to discuss build issues and topics for ongoing work.

Phone conferences have been scheduled in the weeks leading to the event:

  • To be announced

Topics and Projects

Roadmap development

DICOM Application Hosting

DICOM Database and Networking


Tests Framework

Try QtTesting with CTK applications

Build Systems & Software process

  • Update to latest DCMTK
    • includes dcmrt
    • need to pick a commit to standardize on
    • investigate shared/static library building. (Static instances of classes getting destructed in wrong order)
    • incorporate version checking
      • build ctk against head or snapshot version

  • Talk with Dominique (Debian packager) to understand what is missing See https://github.com/commontk/CTK/pull/158
    • Build from upstream PythonQt (to be done this week) Yes check.png Few patches still need to be contributed upstream. See documentation
    • Release a version of CTK (Work on policy this week and maybe release this week).

Command Line Modules

  • Extract CLI interface
    • Unify VPH and Slicer refactoring
  • Qt SEM XML widget

Cmd Line Module Work Items



Start at 9:00am Arrive and get settled in the morning. Discussion of plans for the week will get underway when everyone has arrived.

Review of goals and ideas


hack, hack, hack...


Review of progress


Hack, hack, hack...


  • 10:30 Review hacking progress
  • Tour of AMIGO.
    • Leave 1249 by 12:00. Stop for lunch on the way and meet Isaiah at AMIGO at 2:00.
    • Turn in badges - do not plan to return to 1249.

End by 5:00pm

Travel & Hotel

Local contact

  • If you have any troubles during your visit, call Steve: +1 617 596 2719


Transportation on Site

Google's public transit search works well in Boston. The site is about 5 blocks from subway stops and busses. Parking on-site is $10-$15 per day. Cabs are fairly convenient for most trips (perhaps $40 to/from the airport but $10-$15 for trips within town).


There are a lot of hotel options in Boston - several within easy walking distance of the 1249 Boylston facility and everything is accessible by public transport. Note that on Sunday night before the hackfest there is a big baseball game in the neighborhood (at Fenway Park) so hotels may be more expensive the first night, but should be cheaper the rest of the week.

  • Closest, cheapest, but least nice:

Howard Johnsons 1271 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02215 (800) 446-4656 howardjohnsonboston.com‎

  • Not too far - mid price:

Boston Hotel Buckminster 645 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02215 (800) 727-2825 bostonhotelbuckminster.com‎

  • Not too far - higher price:

Hotel Commonwealth 500 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215 (617) 933-5000 hotelcommonwealth.com‎

Meeting Location


  • To be determined.


  • Probably pretty hot and humid...