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=== [[Documentation/Widgets|Widgets]] ===
=== [[Documentation/Widgets|Widgets]] ===
* [[Documentation/WidgetPlans|Plans for widgets]]
* [[Documentation/ImageGallery|Image Gallery]]
* [[Documentation/ctkTransferFunctionWidget|Transfer function widgets]]
* [[Documentation/ctkWorkflowWidget|Workflow widgets]]
* [http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/169 Popup widgets]
=== Plugin Framework ===
=== Plugin Framework ===

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Architectural Notes

These notes have been taken during various meetings in the past and summarize discussions about the architecture and requirements of CTK.

Topics being discussed but with no concrete agreement or maintained coding efforts include the following:

Build System


DICOM Application Hosting

Please visit the page documenting the DICOM Part 19 implementation efforts.


Plugin Framework

The CTK Plugin Framework has its own page here.

CLI Modules

Big picture for Command Line Interface


Python scripting

Migration Guide